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Proper Planning includes Protection

Insurance Planning Services


We will review your existing policies and plan to ensure they continue to fit your needs.  If you don't have an existing insurance plan, we can advise and guide you on which plans are right for you and your family.


It is our belief that you shouldn't over-insure, but you should never un-insure or under insure either. The type and value of your home, cars and other assets will determine what insurance, and how much of it, you should buy.


We will review your existing life insurance strategy to ensure it meets your plan needs.  If you don't have an existing life insurance strategy, we will include it as part of your wealth management plan if needed with the right policies for you and your family.

HFS Insurance Benefits


Simplicity and clarity are built in with our comprehensive services.

Having one company oversee your entire wealth management provides you with the benefit of having one contact that intimately knows you and your family.  We can help make changes and provide you with the best if for you and identity when a change may impact other aspects of your plan.  


We are here for you!

A benefit to having a local agent is the ability for us to personally be available for you.  Whether it is to answer questions, make changes to be an advocate for you, we have the resources available to support you.

Have a change, claim or questions that can't wait?

Our system is set up to accept emails and voicemails after hours (with prompt return service as soon as we open), however there is an option for you to connect with a knowledgeable representative from our client service center.


If you insure your vehicles and your home with us and remain claim free for three consecutive years, we'll send you a check totaling 25% of the combined auto and home premiums you paid three years prior.  You'll receive a check each year thereafter that you remain claim free.

Rewards for safe driving, directly into your pocketbook!


Auto + Home Discount

Combining your auto and home policies give you a 10% discount on both policies.

Three-Line Discount

When you insure your vehicle, home and life with us, you'll save additional money on your qualifying auto and home premiums.


Whether you have a mechanical breakdown, run out of gas or lock your keys in your vehicle, our optional emergency Roadside Assistance endorsement could help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If both your vehicle and your home are insured with us, our Common Cause of Loss Deductible only requires you to pay one deductible if your car and home are damaged or destroyed in a single event.

To obtain an insurance quote with Hogan Financial Services, please click here or contact us by phone at 801.474.1234.

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