We know that every client is unique, and their wealth management plan is too!  


What is Wealth Management?'

Wealth management is a consultative process of meeting the needs and wants of clients through comprehensive investment management alongside financial advice, insurance strategies, tax guidance, and estate planning.  

What are the Benefits of Wealth Management?

Wealth management fills in the gaps that can be missed through a standard model of managing each piece of the puzzle individually - just managing assets, only providing a budget or financial plan, only evaluating income needs, etc.  When all these pieces are synchronized through the wealth management approach, gaps are filled in, providing you with a seamless integrated approach to meeting your specific goals and needs.

'Is Wealth Management Right for Me? 

It may sound like wealth management might not be right for you - but we believe this approach is applicable to everyone, regardless of your asset level or life stage.  Your plan is customized for where you are now, what you want to accomplish along the way and designed carry you through retirement.  

What is the Process?

At HFS, we follow a proven process to learn about your unique goals and challenges, develop a plan, implement and finally review at regular intervals to make sure you're on track - and adjust as needed!


 Why You Should Work with HFS

Transparent Fees | HFS Wealth Management


For Wealth Management clients we charge an all-inclusive fee for managing investment portfolios including the cost for investments, advisor fee, and ongoing financial planning services and advice.

We also have the option of subscription-based fees for clients that do not have an existing portfolio or assets under management.  This allows for everyone to have access to planning services.

Separate from the financial and our role as a financial planner, we may recommend the purchase of specific investment or insurance products or accounts for which we may receive a commission and will be happy to disclose our compensation arrangements with you. 


Independent Financial Professional | HFS Wealth Management


Our independent structure means we are not beholden to one investment company or one set of proprietary funds.  As a result, we can select from a variety of solutions and investment alternatives that best fit our clients' situation.



Our investment recommendations are made first and foremost with your best interest in mind.

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